Setting up Argus Connect

In addition to setting up the details in the Options > Secure Messaging >Argus Connect section the following also needs to be setup in myPractice:
1: Each Practitioner must have their Argus email address entered in their record under user administration.
While it is common for a Practice to have a single address (eg, there are situations where multiple addresses will be used within a Practice, therefore we insist that each Practitioner have an Address entered, even if it is the same one for every Practitioner.
2: Each potential Recipient must be listed in the Data Maintenance > Referrers section.
3: Each Client must have a Practitioner Assigned.  myPractice will send any Letters/Reports for that Client based on the assigned Practitioners account. We cannot send a letter/report for a Client without identifying the Practitioner who is treating the Client.